USA Thomas Rogers Wickenden - Brother of James Wickenden and Robert John Wickenden

Thomas Rogers Wickenden (1853 -1924) married Ida Consaul (1855 - 1927) and was the father of 8 children. In the section of this website titled Thomas R Wickenden Families, pictures, information and chapters of a memoir written by these 8 children are provided along with information on five generations of their descendants.


Wickenden families originated in Cowden, Kent, England. Now they live in over a dozen countries. Who are these families? Where do they live? How are they related? Why, when, how did they emigrate from England? Who has continued to live in England and the UK? How have their families grown, and how have they lived? How have they endured, what are their lives like now, and how do they see the future - for their countries and for our world? These are some of the questions that will be answered as Wickenden families contribute their stories (Please Do!) to this section of the website, to the Wickenden Wikitree (a collaborative family tree), and to the map of Wickendens Around the World.

USA James William Wickenden - Brother of Thomas Rogers Wickenden and Robert John Wickenden

James William Wickenden married and had three sons: Roy, Ernest, and Rollin. Rollin was the father of James and Richard Wickenden, who were headmaster and department chair, respectively, of Tabor Academy in Marion, MA. James' son is founder and President of Wickenden Associates in Princeton, NJ.

USA/FRANCE Robert John Wickenden - Brother of Thomas Rogers Wickenden and James William Wickenden

Robert John Wickenden married Ada Ahier of the Isle of Jersey. They lived in Auvers, France and had seven children: Alfred, Alice (Fifille), Henry, Yvonne, John, Marguerite, and Robert.

 USA Frank Irving Consaul - Brother of Ida Consaul

Frank married Cora Thorp. They adopted a daughter, Lillis (Mrs. Lillis Diehr of Wooster, Ohio), and a son, Leslie (Mr. Leslie Consaul of Huntington, West Virginia).

 USA Jennie Lind Consaul - Sister of Ida Consaul

Jennie married Arthur Taylor. They had no children. Phatuel Willaim Taylor of Canton, Ohio, and John E. Taylor of Toldeo, Ohio, may be related.

 USA Jessie May Consaul - Sister of Ida Consaul

Jessie married Lloyd Whitcomb. They had four sons: Laurence, Ward, Charles, and William.

USA Dan Wickenden and Dorothy Wickenden, his daughter - Authors

Dan Wickenden (1913-1989) was an author and retired senior editor at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, the book publisher. His daughter, Dorothy Wickenden, is Executive Editor of The New Yorker magazine.

USA John William Hook III

John is the eldest son of Charlotte Ruth Winans Hook and John William Hook. His grandparents were Ruth Wickenden Winans and Leslie H. Winans. He is married to Susan Faye LeFevre Hook who is very active in the LeFevre Family Association which is part of Historic Hoguenot Street in New Paltz New York. Their offspring are Ruth Elaine Hook Warneck (married to Tim Wareneck with children Matthew and Grace Warneck) and Perry Arthur Hook (married to Jessica O'Connor with children Felix and Quentin Hook). Susie and he live in Warminster, PA.

CANADA - Donna Wickenden Thibodeaux - Born in Merritton, Ontario, Canada

Donna was born Donna Grace Wickenden in 1938 in Merritton, Ontario, Canada. Her father George Herbert Wickenden was born in London, England in 1904. George married Gladys Wanieta Ball in Ontario Canada. His father was Edwin Thomas Wickenden married to Amelia Ferrier McEwen of London, England. They moved to Canada in 1907.

ENGLAND/USA Robert Quaife - Brother of Charlotte Quaife Wickenden

Robert Quaife, older brother of Charlotte Quaife Wickenden, played a significant role in the lives of the Wickenden family.

 ENGLAND/USA William Wickenden - Co-founder of Rhode Island

William Wickenden (c. 1614–1671) was an early Anglo-American Baptist minister, co-founder of Providence Plantations, and signer of the Providence Compact. Wickenden Street in Providence marks where he originally settled in the seventeenth century and is named in his honor.[1]

 ENGLAND John And Clarice Wickenden

John comes from a branch of the family going back to George Wickenden (born 1770). The line then passes to another George (b 1820), then Frederick (b 1856), then Ernest (b 1884), then Bernard (my father b 1924). The family also believe they originated in Cowden and there were many family connections to Tunbridge Wells, Kent until the last war.


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