USA  James William Wickenden - Brother of Thomas Rogers Wickenden and Robert John Wickenden

James Wickenden married and had three sons:  Roy, Ernest, and Rollin.  

Rollin Wickenden is the father of James and Richard Wickenden, headmaster and assistant headmaster, respectively, of Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts. 

         James Wickenden was headmaster of Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts.  The School owned a schooner called the Tabor Boy.  Jim's cousin Tom enjoyed many trips up the coast to Maine and around Cape Cod on the boat.  Tom's grandson Tommy sailed aboard the ship when he was at Tabor one summer for camp.

        Tabor Boy.pdf 

The Wickenden Years at Tabor Academy, 1942 - 1957: The Wickenden Years - Part I.pdf

                                                                                1942-1976: Jim at Tabor Academy.pdf 

Jim tells about living with the Thomas Rogers family and his relationship with Cousin Tom - 

          Jim Wickenden letter about adventures with Cousin Tom

James Wickenden, JR. grandson of Rollin and son of James, is President of Wickenden Associates Inc. in Princeton, NJ: