•  4/26/2020 05:06 PM

Anyone with an idea and an agenda for a virtual meeting of Wickendens in an area, country, continent or across the world, is invited to contact this website and utilize this feature to help organize the event.

  •  1/17/2020 03:56 PM

Since Wickendens have left placenames across the world, it might be interesting to organize tours of some of these locations. These tours might include: 1. The Kingdom of Hwicce - including locations with Wicken-inspired place names in the west midlands. 2. The Wickendens of Cowden - including the dozen or so homes in Cowden known to have been established, owned or associated with Wickendens. 3. Wicken across Kent - including the half-dozen or so places in Kent whose names were inspired by the Wicken. 4. Wicken across the Continent - the dozen or so villages in Poland, Austria, Bavaria, Germany and the Netherlands with Wicken-inspired place names, such as Wickendorf and Wickenberg.

  •  1/17/2020 03:55 PM

Building upon current family reunions, it would be interesting to organize larger reunions of Wickenden Friends and Family from a region, a country or a continent. With this experience, if successful, we might want to attempt a world-wide reunion of Wickendens from across the globe.

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  •  1/17/2020 03:54 PM

The Wickendens have never had a reunion of family members from across the world. It would be interesting, if regional and national reunions were successful, to plan for a global reunion, perhaps in and around Cowden, Kent, England. Any suggestions for a date, a theme, and volunteers to organize and manage the event would be welcome!