The Wickenden History section of this website applies to all living and future Wickenden familes, since all of us, we believe, descended from the original Wicken who founded a den in the Weald of Kent.   The Thomas R Wickenden Families section contains memoirs, pictures, documents, links and information on one of the families in this section of Wickendens Around the World.  This website was inspired by the Memoirs written and published by this particular family.  However, this website is a collaborative project of the Wickendens, and all family and friends are invited to subscribe to the site for updates, to submit information to the contact person, or to actively collaborate on development of the site.  Please see the Invitation page at the bottom of this section for details on how to participate.

The Wickenden Wikitree is a family tree build on the collaborative WikiTree platform (see  The platform is based on a vision that all individuals (such as all Wickenden families) are part of one large family tree, and therefore that the development of the tree is a collaborate project owned by all who contribute.  A link to the current Wickenden Wikitree is provided here:  

Map of Wickendens Around the  World:  A map locating all the Wickendens, past and present, who are listed in this section of the Wickenden Families Website.  It can be accessed by means of the following URL:  Map of Wickendens.  To add your family to the map follow the directions in the map header:  (1) put the address in the Q box and enter, (2) click to +add the address, then (3) delete the details, (4) use the edit pencil to add your name and other information and then (5) save.  Most of the markers show where Wickenden families are currently living.  However, some of the markers have also been used to show the location of our prominant ancestors.  Thank you, and enjoy!