I was born in 1938 in Merritton, Ontario, Canada. My father George Herbert Wickenden was born in London, England in 1904. George married

Gladys Wanieta Ball in Ontario Canada. His father was Edwin Thomas Wickenden married to Amelia Ferrier McEwen of London, England. They moved to Canada in 1907. I have traced my Wickenden line back to Edward Wickenden born 2 June 1594 Cowden, Kent who was married to Annise Knight.


  • Donna Grace Wickenden (me) born 1938 Merritton, Ontario, Canada (now called St . Catharines, Ontario) currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana.
  • George Herbert Wickenden born 20 April 1904 London, West Ham dist., England, died 28 January 1980. Married Gladys Wanieta Ball b.1906 d 1979
  • Edwin Thomas Wickenden b. 7 Feb 1882 Bromley, Poplar, LLondon, d. 8 Dec 1918 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Married Amelia Ferrier McEwen
  • George Albert Wickenden b.16 Sep 1858 Poplar, Middlsx, London, d. 8 Apr 1924 London, England Married Jane Samuels
  • Samuel Wickenden b. 21 Nov 1807 Knockholt, Kent, d. Oct 1865 Poplar, London. Married Emily Gosling
  • James Wickenden b. 7 Aug 1769 Orpington, Kent d. Jan 1842 Knockholt, Kent. Married Dinah Row
  • Thomas Wickenden b. 28 Mar 1733 Tonbridge, Kent, d. ? Married Mary Scott
  • Francis Wickenden b. 4 Apr 1701 Tonbridge, Kent, d. 1742 Kent, England. Married Ann Baker
  • Thomas Wickenden b. 1663 Tonbridge, Kent d. 1742 Kent, England Married Mary Martin
  • Edward Wickenden b. 1621 Tonbridge, Kent d. 18 Jan 1700 Tonbridge, Kent. Married Mary Norman
  • Edward Wickenden b. 2 Jun 1594 Cowden, Kent, d.? Married Annise Knight

NOTES:  I am open to any corrections with sources that are around. Especially for the last two Edwards. The rest I am positive of as I did the research myself.


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