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In 1962 the children of Thomas Rogers and Ida Consaul Wickenden wrote and published the Memoirs of the Thomas Rogers Wickenden Family.  The project was initiated by Homer Wickenden and turned over to Arthur Wickenden for completion. This 90 page book contains a chapter about each of the four sons and four daughters, an historical introduction, a few pictures and two letters.  

In 2019, Homer's daughter, Ruth Wickenden Abel, suggested it might be time to update the Memoirs. We decided to utilize the internet to build upon the original book in a manner that would be interesting and accessible to future generations.  The book has been digitized.  The complete book is attached to the Summary page at the start of the Thomas R Wickenden Families section, and each chapter has been included on an appropriate page of the website within that same section. Members of the eight families and other relatives are invited to join us in developing the Thomas R Wickenden Families section of the website and to help develop the Wickenden Family WikiTree.

Since its inception, the website has grown to include two other sections, one on Wickenden History and another on Wickendens Around the World.  Wickenden History has been expanded to cover the prehistory of the Wicken clan of Angles on the Continent, as well as their migration across the Channel to Thanet, across Kent, and down into the Weald, where they established a den. The Wickendens of Cowden, their responsibility to provide Knights Service, the Early English Wickendens and the Kingdom of Hwicce are also covered.  Another section has been laid out to describe Wickendens Around the World, but it has only a few initial entries.  Finally a Research Forum has been added as a place for the study of all things Wickenden, and a Planned Events page is now available for future use.  A F.A.Q.  is available to see what kinds of questions have been asked and answered about the Wickendens, and a Google Map is available for participants to identify where in the world they are located. If you are not on the mailing list for updates, please subscribe by adding your contact information at the bottom of this site.  All those interested in Wickenden families and friends are invited to collaborate in building and utilizing this site, and to add information, pictures as well as brief memoirs, reminiscences and even stories about our ancestors and their living descendants.  As a result of its collaborative nature, this website is expected to be continuously under development!


This website would not have been possible without the encouragement, advice and contributions of Ruth Wickenden Abel and Ken W. Watson. I am also grateful to my wife, Beth, for her patience and her assistance with graphics and photos. We thank them, the members of each family, and everyone else who has contributed - or who might contribute in the future - to this ongoing family project.

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There are various levels at which users can participate:
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This website was developed using the SITE123.com platform.  There are tutorials and 24/7 help chats available.  This website also includes some information on how to navigate and edit the site.  Certain pages are also linked to the Wickenden Wikitree, which is a collaborative family tree.  

Thomas Howard Wickenden II
Flagstaff, Arizona
published June 2019
revised May 2020