William Elgin and Marian Lamb Wickenden Family


MEMOIRS:  Marion Lamb Wickenden wrote a memoir of William Elgin Wickenden.  It was included as Chapter III in the Memoirs of the Thomas Rogers Wickenden Family:  Memoir, William Elgin Wickenden.pdf . William's grandson, Arthur E. Goldschmidt, Jr., has written a brief remembrance of his four grandparents: 06. Grandparents Remembered.docx .

FAMILY TREE: This is William Elgin Wickenden's basic pedigree chart. There is also a dynamic tree view and many additional tools for William's genealogy below:  https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Wickenden-Family-Tree-407.

William Elgin Wickenden (24 Dec 1882 - 1 Sep 1947) married Marian Susan Lamb ( - 26 Aug 1961) on Sep 1908 and is the father of 2 children and the grandfather of 3 grandchildren. Listed below are details on two generations of descendants. Also see William's DNA Descendants and Family Tree & Genealogy Tools for more views.

  1. Elizabeth (Wickenden) Goldschmidtancestorsdescendants (08 May 1909) m. Arthur Edward Goldschmidt (abt 1910) on 27 May 1933.
    1. Arthur Edward Goldschmidt Jr.ancestors (17 Mar 1938) m. Louise Robb (abt 1940) on 17 Jun 1961.
    2. Ann Wickenden Goldschmidtancestors (13 Feb 1942)
    3. Jean Wickenden Goldschmidtancestors (09 Sep 1943)
  2. William Clarence Wickendenancestors (14 Apr 1913) m. Margaret Elsie Papen (abt 1920).


William Elgin Wickenden was born 24 December 1882 in East Toledo, Ohio.

In 1900, William enrolled at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. While in college, he worked as a printer's devil for the Granville Times. In 1904, he graduated from Denison with a Bachelor of Science degree. Soon afterward, he accepted a teaching job at the University of Wisconsin. He taught there for 4 years.

He married Marion Susan Lamb, also a Denison graduate, on 2 September 1908 in Toledo. She was 19 months younger than him, having been born on 31 July 1884 in Toledo. They had 2 children. Elizabeth, the eldest, was born 8 May 1909 in Madison, Wisconsin. Soon after, the family moved to the Boston area, where William taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 9 years. Will and Marion lived in West Roxbury during the time when he taught at MIT. Will helped to design the house they lived in. While in Boston, Marion gave birth to William Clarence on 14 April 1913. During the 1920s, the family lived in Montclair, New Jersey where William worked at American Telephone and Telegraph Company. He was promoted to assistant vice president in 1921. During his years in Montclair, William became deeply concerned with cause of engineering education. He wrote reports on engineering education in the US and in various European countries. They were the first such books, and the one about the USA is often called “the Wickenden Report."

In 1929, he was named president of Case School of Applied Science in Cleveland. That school later merged with Western Reserve University to become Case Western Reserve University. 

On 20 August 1947, while vacationing at his summer home in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, William suffered a heart attack. He died on 1 September 1947 at Monadnock Community Hospital in Petersboro. His remains were cremated. Marion survived him by almost 14 years.

Signed by Rolf Stoll (1892 - 1978)

BIOGRAPHIES:  A  brief biography of William is included here: Bio.pdf 

PAPERS:  Papers archived by the Electrical Technology History Wiki include copies of a 1935 profile, his resume, and contemporary correspondence around his death.  https://ethw.org/Archives:Papers_of_William_E._Wickenden 

HONORS:  On April 18, 1955, the Electrical Engineering Building at Case Institute of Technology was named in honor of William E. Wickenden.   Over the course of his career, William received 11 honorary degrees.

News Articles:

Inauguration at Case (Cleveland News, April 12, 1930) -  Family attends inauguration at Case

- New President - #1 New President #2 New President #3 New President #4

Policy    - Criticism of Roosevelt (1941) 

               - Post-war Role for USA (NY Times, Jan 1942)

Class Speaker (OSU News, January 1947) - Class Speaker

Retirement (Cleveland Plain Dealer May 25, 1947

Sermon - The Second Mile (Aug 10,1947) 


     June 14, 1932 - Plans to go abroad: Can you store our car?

     April 11, 1937 - Visit to brothers in the East (plus formal dinner and dance): Plans for a visit .pdf 

     Aug 28, 1947 - Feeling better a week after the heart attack: Note from Marion.pdf 

 Sept 3, 1947 - Stories about Will from a schoolmate: Frank Amos, college friend of Will's.pdf 

     Sept 4, 1947 - Letter about memorial in Jaffrey: Tom to Mary Dee about the memorial for Will

     Sept 20, 1947 - Memorial for Will in Cleveland: Note from Marion about memorial.pdf


Marion Lamb Wickenden - Marion Lamb Wickenden (Cleveland News - Aug 26, 1961)

William Elgin Wickenden  - Obituary (Denison Alumnus)

                                                 - Obituary (New York Times)

SECOND GENERATION:  William and Marion had two children:  

  • William Clarence Wickenden, born in Boston  on April 14, 1913.  William married Margaret Elsie Papen in Worcester MA on January 22, 1944.


  • Elizabeth and Arthur E. Goldschmidt are the parents of three children born in Washington, DC. 

    • Arthur E. Goldschmidt, Jr., was born on March 17, 1938.  Arthur married Louise Robb in Westfield, MA on June 17, 1961.

    • Ann Wickenden Goldschmidt was born on February 13, 1942.   Ann married Raymond Richardson on June 8, 1963.

    • Jean Wickenden Goldschmidt was born on September 9, 1943.   Jean married James Murray (Mike) Kempton in 1967.  They died in an automobile accident in November 1971 in Petersburg, VA.