Ida Wickenden and Justin Wroe Nixon Family


Memoir - Ida wrote a Memoir as Chapter IV of the Memoirs of the Thomas Rogers Wickenden Family  Memoir, Ida Wickenden Nixon.pdf 

Family Tree - This is Ida (Wickenden) Nixon's basic pedigree chart. There is also a dynamic tree view and many additional tools for Ida's genealogy below.

Ida (Wickenden) Nixon (11 Feb 1886) married Justin Wroe Nixon ( - 11 Jul 1958) on 12 Jun 1914 and is the mother of 5 children and, as of 1962, the grandmother of 2 grandchildren. Listed below are details on up to five generations of descendants. Also see Ida's DNA Descendants and Family Tree & Genealogy Tools for more views.

  1. John Harmon Nixonancestors (07 Apr 1915)
  2. Charles Robert Nixonancestors (19 Aug 1917)
  3. Elizabeth Wickenden Nixonancestors (15 Apr 1919)
  4. Alice Wroe Nixonancestors (02 Nov 1923) m. David William St. Clair (abt 1920) on 19 Jun 1948.
  5. Justin Wroe Nixon Jr.ancestorsdescendants (23 Feb 1929) m. Anne Fletcher (abt 1930) on 11 Jun 1955.
    1. William Harmon Nixonancestors (13 Dec 1956)
    2. Robert Edgerton Nixonancestors (05 Feb 1959)

Papers:  The Ida E Wickenden Papers, 1903-1962.pdf

Obituary - Ida Nixon obit.pdf

Video Interview - A video Interview of Granddaughter Deborah (Debbie) Johnson Griffin - Seven Wickendens have retired to The San Antonio in Pomona, California.  Ida Nixon, her daughter (and son-in-law) Elizabeth Wickenden Johnson and her sister-in-law Myra Wickenden were among those who moved to enjoy the year-round sunshine of southern California, the mountain views, the beautiful grounds of San Antonio Gardens and the cultural activities of the nearby Claremont Colleges.  Current residents Debbie Griffin and Ruth Wickenden Able gave an interview for The San Antonio Gardens video series about the many Wickenden residents in 2021.  A link to this video may be found on the Homer and Myra Wickenden page in this section of the website, toward the bottom of the page.