To develop or edit a family page in this section of the website, please consult the following set of Guidelines: Guidelines (revised December 2019).pdf.  You may also wish to learn to edit by taking SITE123 tutorials.

Process - Once you have 1) joined the site and 2) been included as a contributor, the process for developing your page is simple.  3) You may want to update your family tree yourself and include pictures, text, memoirs and other links - in any order. Or you can send these materials to me, and I will upload them to your page for you. 

1. Family Tree - Start at the top of your page with a descendant tree or a list of the people in each generation you want to include on this page. 

  • Please update the Wikitree that has been downloaded by clicking on any of the links and following the fathers and sons until you need to add a spouse, child, etc.
  • Then add names,  birth, marriage and death dates and locations wherever they are missing.  You need to have a birth date in order to save a profile for an individual, so if you don't have a birth date, insert an approximate year of birth and indicate that it is an estimate.  
  • You also need to include a source, so be sure to add a source that you have used for this information! 
  • The outline that has been provided can be replaced with an updated one by clicking on the Genealogical Tools tab and then the Descendant Tree side bar.  Copy the tree in Wikitree  and then paste it into the website where you want it at the top of the page.

 NOTE:  At present, you need to scroll down to find the section for each person.  I have asked  if we can obtain the coding to link the name in the table with the start of the section for the same person.  For each generation you wish to add to the website, do the following:

2. Pictures - Collect a few pictures of the Wickenden of that generation, spouse and family (with children).  For your first generation ancestor, you may wish to replace the placeholder or head picture with one or your own, by editing the page and then scrolling to the picture and editing that.  For other pictures on the page itself, you will want to insert them as you proceed down the page.

  • Scan the pictures (or email them to yourself if they are on your phone) and save them on your computer in a folder for that generation.
  •  In edit mode on your particular page, click on the "insert image" icon (mountain with sun), 
  • Click on "Drop Image or click" and select the picture you want insert from the folder on your computer .   
  •  Insert the picture, 
  • Click on it, and use the corners to size the image and use the box of icon controls to align, display, style, resize or add a caption.  
  • You can also delete and do the process over.

3. Text - You can click on the page and then use the hand to move the picture and, if you have selected to display it as "In Line," you can write some text about the person or family (in addition to any captions you wish to add to each picture.

4. Memoir - Write a brief memoir of that generation of your family (some stories and information you think others would want to know) and use the "upload file" icon (picture of a blank page) to link it to your page, perhaps with a heading that lets the reader know what to find at that link.

5. Headings - To help the reader/viewer, you might add a subheading for each new item, perhaps in all caps or bolded or both, followed by a colon or a dash, and then a sentence to describe what the viewer will find if they open the link. 

6. Other links - you can add links to other materials such as an album of photographs, another website, other written documents such as letters, stories, videos, social media, etc.  Each link can be viewed by selecting it and then selecting the view icon (a picture frame).

Good luck, learn as your go, use instructional resources as needed, and have fun!