Dorothy Wickenden and Frederick Klag Family


MEMOIR:  Dorothy wrote a memoir, included as Chapter IX of Memoirs of the Thomas Rogers Wickenden Familly.  Memoir, Dorothy Wickenden Klag.pdf

FAMILY TREE:  This is Dorothy May (Wickenden) Klag's basic pedigree chart. There is also a dynamic tree view and many additional tools for Dorothy's genealogy below.

Dorothy May (Wickenden) Klag (7 Aug 1898) married Frederick William Klagg (abt 1895) on 7 Jul 1926 and is the mother of one child and the grandmother of 3 grandchildren. Listed below are details on up to five generations of descendants. Also see Dorothy's DNA Descendants and Family Tree & Genealogy Tools for more views.

  1. Frederick William Klagg Jr.ancestorsdescendants (08 Aug 1929) m. Mary Louise Miller (abt 1930) on 10 Jul 1954.
    1. John Frederick Klagancestors (07 Feb 1956)
    2. Geoffrey William Klagancestors (16 Nov 1958)
    3. Brian Thomas Klagancestors (08 May 1961)