15 Jan

I have taken two DNA tests (23&me and MyHeritage). I can search for relatives in either one individually or I can use WikiTree.com to search them both together.  For example, using a function called DNA Connections and by filtering for Wickendens, it shows that there are 14 people who have taken either of these two tests and who are related to people named Wickenden.  Unfortunately, only two of the test takers are Wickendens.  Looking at my own 23&me test results, there is one first cousin, one first cousin once removed, and several second cousins, some at various removes.  

I would encourage more of you who are Wickendens or closely related to the Wickendens to take a DNA test and participate in this form of geneology.  In the meantime, I will try to learn more about how this works. Thanks for considering the use of a DNA test!

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