Wickendens Around the World
The author knows little about Wickendens other than his own family group which descended from Thomas Rogers Wickenden, who migrated from Rochester, Kent, England to Toledo, Ohio, USA in the mid-nineteenth century.

CURRENT INFORMATION on a few Wickendens in the USA and England is available in the sections of this website titled Thomas R Wickenden Families and Wickendens Around the World.

RESEARCH NEEDED: Research on Wickenden families in all countries, including England, is needed.
  • Contact information on current families should be compiled, and 
  • Historical and statistical analysis of the growth and movement of these populations should be conducted and recorded.  
    • Brief narrative entries can be included in the Wickendens Around the World section of the website.
    • Lists of Wickendens by country might be included in a reply to the Lists of Wickendens Topic of this Research Forum
    • Historical and Statistical information about Wickendens in each country might be submitted by Reply to this Research ForumTopic
  • Comments and suggestions about how to structure and include this information are always welcome.
Aaron Wickenden asks:  How many Wickendens are there living today?  Can the model used to predict the growth of the Wickenden population through the seventeenth century be extended through the twenty-first century?

Response - Twenty years ago one could order a printed listing of all the Wickendens around the world who had internet addresses.  I believe this is even easier to accomplish today.  But the model also could be extended,  and if there was a parameter for the percentage of Wickendens who had email addresses, one could adjust the model to get an even more accurate figure than through internet addresses alone.  When I have access once again to the printed listing, I will develop an extended model.