Wickenden Homesteads in Cowden, Kent, England
Having established a den in Cowden, Kent, England, from which the Wicken then took their name, the family grew and developed homesteads on each side of the Wicken den.  They then acquired and lived in other homes and farms across Cowden.  Pictures and information about these homes can be found in the page of the Wickenden History section titled Wickenden Homesteads in Cowden.
Little information is currently available on the history of these homes.  More facts would be valuable regarding the following:
  • Information on the establishment and history of the Wicken den
  • Information on the establishment and history of occupation of each of the homes described on the Wickenden Homesteads in Cowden page of the Wickenden History section of this website.
  • Clues as to the growth and composition of Wickenden families in Cowden might be derived from the wills, court rolls, parish records and other documents regarding these homes. 
A model is currently under development to estimate the growth and dispersion of the Wickendens, starting with a small family or family group in the Wicken Den and extending to other adjacent homesteads in Cowden, to nearby villages across Kent, over to Surrey, and even in London.

See section four, The First Wickendens, in the page of Wickenden History titled "Pathways to - and from -  Cowden" .