Wickenden Family Trees
There are many family trees that include Wickendens published on various websites such as Ancestry.com, MyHeritage.com, Geni.com, etc.  This author has begun a Wickenden family tree using Wikitree.com.  This site is free and open to all, with good privacy protection for living persons.  Best of all, it is based on a philosophy that the world is actually one giant family tree.  So while the person who begins a family tree is the designated manager of the profiles of individuals in that tree, others can make comments and suggestions for improving or adding to those profiles or merging them with other profiles of the same person.  

CURRENT INFORMATION: The Wikitree associated with the family of Thomas Rogers Wickenden may be accessed through his profile at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Wickenden-385.

RESEARCH NEEDED: It would be useful to connect as many Wickenden family trees as possible, thereby extending the coverage of the tree.  The purpose of this would be:
  1. To make one tree as inclusive as possible.  
  2. To improve the profiles of individual Wickendens by adding information and correcting misinformation.  
  3. To connect isolated profiles and establish managers for those that are currently unmanaged.
  4. To create an index listing of all Wickenden Family trees, perhaps by platform - website or software. 
One way to do this would be to find connections between the current Wickenden Wikitree and other Wickenden trees.  If they are both Wikitrees, connections can be added by either manager.  If the trees are on different platforms, a GEDCOM file or specific information on individuals can be sent to the manager of the Wickenden Wikitree.  


Please reply here with suggestions about 
  1. How to access, make use of, or improve the current set of family trees that include Wickendens or 
  2. How to improve the current Wickenden Wikitree.  
  3. Suggestions regarding the usefulness of family trees and of DNA relationship evidence for the study of Wickenden history are also welcome.  

Links to family trees, GEDCOM files, and suggestions regarding individual  profiles in the Wickenden Wikitree may be sent through Wikitree to Thomas Wickenden, manager of the Wickenden Wikitree using the URL listed in the Topic description above for Wickenden Family Trees.

Information, suggestions and questions about research on specific genealogical lines and how to overcome difficulties in researching the individuals in a particular lineage, should be communicated to Ken Watson, manager of the Wickenden Researcher Listings at the URL listed in the separate Topic description for Genealogical Lines for Wickendens: http://www.rideau-info.com/ken/genealogy/wickenden/research.html.