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  1. Wickenden Identities - Wicks, Wicken, Hwicce, Wickenden (and alternative spellings, Wickenbergs/Wickenburgs/Wickendorfs, and Wicken-inspired names across England
  2. Wickenden Lists - Cowden births, baptisms, marriages and deaths; International Genealogical Index - IGI, Wickenden Wills, Wickendens in Manor and Court Rolls.
  3. Wickenden Lines - Genealogical lines:  see Ken Watson's Wickenden Page at http://www.rideau-info.com/ken/genealogy/wickenden/wick-bdmintro.html.
  4. Wickenden Pathways - Possible lines, with analysis, leading back to Cowden
  5.  Wickenden Migrations - Maps and Graphs of centers of settlement, points of departure and migrations on the Continent, through Kent, to the Kingdom of Hwicce, and across English villages and counties.
  6. Wickenden Homes - Pictures and history of homes established or owned by Wickendens in Cowden 
  7. Wickenden Family Trees - The Wickenden Wikitree and references to other Wickenden Family Trees