Possible Pathways for Wickendens back to Cowden
Definitive information on genealogical lines is only available back to about the Seventeenth Century.  To explore linkages further back into the past, it is necessary to make informed guesses, while also being explicit about available source information and about the analysis that underlies the description of each "most likely ancestor."  An ancestral line that includes these likely ancestors is defined here as a Possible Pathway.

CURRENT INFORMATION:  A detailed description of a possible pathwayand the information it should include is provided in the page of the Wickenden History section on Pathways to and from Cowden.  One example is provided in the first response to this Topic.

 RESEARCH NEEDED:  Since it is believed that all Wickendens have descended from a Wicken family that established a den, once located in Cowden, Kent, England, it would therefore be useful to describe possible pathways back to ancestors living in Cowden. This has been called the Pathways Project, and all Wickendens are invited to participate.  Possible Pathways for Wickendens may be submitted as a response to this Topic.

                    PATHWAYS PROJECT
                    Thomas Aaron Wickenden

(Please note: This listing changes from a genealogical line to a possible pathway at the ninth generation, at which point confidence levels and alternative numbers are provided. See the Sample Pathway Chart in the page on Pathways to and from Cowden in the Wickenden History section for detailed notes on analysis and sources.)

  1. Thomas Aaron Wickenden (b. in Ithaca, NY, USA)
    • + Jennifer Brandel
  2. Thomas Howard Wickenden II (b. in New York City, NY, USA)
    • + Beth Helene Wickenden
  3. Thomas Clinton Wickenden (b: 1920, in Roselle, NJ, USA)
    • + Jean Dunn Wickenden
  4. Thomas Howard Wickenden (b: 1888, in Toledo, OH, USA)
    • + Dee Shuman Wickenden
  5. Thomas Rogers Wickenden (b: February 7, 1853, in Rochester, Kent, UK)
    • + Ida Consaul Wickenden
  6. Thomas Wickenden (b: January 21, 1827, in Halling, Kent, UK; d: January 1, 1861 in Great Grimsby, Sussex, UK)
    • + Charlotte Quaife Wickenden
  7. Samuel Wickenden (b: December 2, 1798 in Rochester, England)
    • + Eliza Wellbeloved Wickenden
  8. James Wickenden (b: June 8, 1760 in Rochester, Kent, England)
    • + Elizabeth Gardner Wickenden
  9. James Wickenden (b: February 21, 1727 in Rainham, Kent, England) 80% confidence, with 3 known alternatives 
    • +Susanna Cullmer Wickenden 
  10. Ann Wickenden (b: 23 Dec 1706 in Edenbridge, Kent, England), 45% confidence, with 4 others 
  11. John Wickenden (b: 17 Sept 1689, in Tonbridge, Kent, England), 50% confidence and 2 others
  12. John Wickenden (b: 20 Apr 1669 in Edenbridge, Kent, England), 55% confidence with 1 other
  13. John Wickenden (b:  18 May 1645 in Cowden, Kent, England), 90% confidence with 1 other
  14. John Wickenden (b: 13 Oct 1622 in Cowden, Kent England), 30% confidence with 5 others
  15. William Wickenden (b: 16 Feb 1605 in Cowden, Kent, England), 51% confidence with 1 other
  16. Thomas Wickenden (b:24 Apr 1586 in Cowden, Kent), 55% confidence, and 1 alternative
  17. Thomas Wickenden (b: 11 Feb 1570 in Cowden, Kent), 51% confidence, no known alternatives

NOTES:  Besides the notes to be found with the analysis in the Possible Pathways to and from Cowden page of the Wickenden History section, it should be noted here that:
  • This pathway leads back to Cowden after twelve generations and includes five generations of Wickendens in Cowden.  So it provides some initial evidence that the Wickendens may have been Wickens who "took" their name from a den they established in Cowden, Kent, England.
  • Moving back up the pathway, this line of Wickendens left Cowden in the middle of the Seventeenth Century, moved to the nearby towns of Edenbridge, then Tonbridge, and then back to Edenbridge before moving north to Rainhan, which is near to Rochester and Strood, where James - 9th generation - was married and settled.
  • The family settled in Rochester and the nearby town of Halling, Kent, until emigrating to Toledo, Ohio, USA, where Thomas Howard Wickenden - fourth generation - was born.  The family still resides in the USA.