Migration of Wickendens across England
The name of the Wickenden family may have originated in association with a homestead in Cowden, Kent, but by the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when church records, wills and court rolls were beginning to be kept, they had already begun to spread out across Kent and contiguous counties: Sussex and Surrey, as well as the Greater London area.

CURRENT INFORMATION: By analyzing, charting and mapping Wickenden baptisms, it is possible to visualize the migration of the Early English Wickendens across the country. This information is available in the Wickenden History section on the page titled "Possible Pathways To and From Cowden."

RESEARCH NEEDED: More work should be done on the data underlying the chart and maps. For example, the spreadsheet should be checked, Wickenden burials should be added, and calculations and representations should be adjusted accordingly. The growth of the Wickenden population should be charted and compared to major events such as the Norman conquest and the Black Death. Finally, information on points of departure, and countries to which Wickendens emigrated should be collected and analyzed.