Migration of Wicken on the Continent
There appear to be place names derived from Wicken settlements on the Continent.  Maps have been drawn to show the location of these possible settlements and the possible movement of the Wicken across the Continent.  

CURRENT INFORMATION: This information is provided in the page of the Wickenden History section titles All the Way from Wickendorf to Wickenden.

RESEARCH QUESTIONS: These hypotheses need to be researched further. In addition the basic questions of
  • When the Wicken began to identify by this name, 
  • What the name might have meant, and 
  • Whether the Wicken were a family, a family group, a tribal clan or band or even a tribe needs to be studied. Finally, 
  • The relationship of the Wicken to other Angle or Saxon  or Jute or Frankish tribes needs to be established, and 
    • How it may have influenced the movement and settlement of the Wicken in Kent, and
    • How it influenced the movement of Hwicce across the midlands to the area once known as the Kingdom of Hwicce  
  • The participation of the Wicken in early battles with the British and even with the Normans.
  • The transition of the Wicken in Kent from a tribal band or clan to subjects of the Kentish kings should be studied.
  • The relationship of the Wicken to other tribal clans, bands and family groups should be clarified.