Migration of Wicken Across Britain
We knew that the Wicken had migrated across Kent to establish a den in Cowden.  We thought they had moved down the south shore of the Thames and from there down into the Weald.  However, the place-name evidence showed instead that they had moved diagonally to the southwest through Kent.

Additional evidence has revealed that the Wicken also established a line of settlements from Canterbury north past Cambridge into East Anglia.  The location of these settlements suggests that the Wicken were stationed there by Vortigern to defend Britain against a possible attach by the Picts from the north.  So these settlements were probably first established shortly after the Wicken arrived in Britain, and before the first revolt against the British,  say between 450 and 455.  Evidence also suggests that around 577, the Wicken moved west from these three settlements to establish a territory in the East Midlands from which they launches an incursion over the frontier into the Western Midlands.  Once there, they changed their name to Hwicce and established a province that became known as the Kingdom of Hwicce.  See the 5 papers linked to the Place-Name Tracing the Wicken page of the Wickenden History section for details.