25 Apr


Welcome from the Wickenden Families Website.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached all of our countries, and I'm sure every one of us is struggling to minimize the risk of getting the virus and of spreading it to others. It is good to know that Wickendens throughout history, starting with the Wicken Den in Kent, England, have faced and survived other deadly pandemics, including the Bubonic Plague (5412), the Black Death (1346-53), Cholera (1852-60), the Spanish Flu (1918-19), the Asian Flu (1956-58), the Hong Kong Flu (1968), SARS (2003), HIV/AIDs (2012), and Ebola (2014). It's good to know this history because it suggests that as a family group, a clan, or now as a set of genealogically related although geographically dispersed families, we will continue to survive and thrive.

Interest and participation in our website and in the related Wickenden family tree has continued to grow, with the addition this month of a second "Pathway to Cowden," new names on the Wickendens Around the World page, and an upcoming merger on WikiTree.com of two Wickenden family trees.

Thank you for your attention. Explore the expanded website if you have time, and Stay Well!
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