24 Jul

Mid-Pandemic Message

Greetings from the Wickenden Families Website! We keep hoping that the Covid-19 Pandemic will pass soon as the vaccination rate exceeds the infection rate from new variants. We know our Wickenden ancestors survived many pandemics throughout their history of migration and settlement (like the map pictured above), and so shall we! You have not received any group emails recently because your editor has been traveling (to visit a granddaughter and other family members), but work on Wickenden Family history and the Wickenden Families website continues.
 New Subscribers - 
There have been some additional subscribers to the website, for whom this will be their first group email. Please welcome: James Wickenden (USA), John Winans, (USA), Rob Winans (USA), Ruth Knapp (USA), and Kerrie Wickenden Australia). Suggestions for additional subscribers are always welcome, so please share this email with other Wickenden family and friends.

 New Articles and Book Draft - In addition to the five articles that were drafted and posted to the website earlier on the page titled "Place-Name Tracing the Wicken". There are now some revisions, some new articles, and a new draft of the book to be posted soon. The new articles include (1) "The Anglian Alliance" (about the relationship between two tribes - the Wicingas (Wicken), who established the Kingdom of Hwicce, and the Iclingas, who established the Kingdom of Mercia) and (2) "Name Change and the Construction of Tribal Identity" (the application of a model to explain why and how the Wicken became the Hwicce). The new book draft is written as a mystery with the title "Hunt for the Hwicce: The search for a lost tribe that established a kingdom in medieval Britain."

 Google Earth Tours - Google Earth is an amazing software application that allows the viewer to "fly" to a location anywhere on the planet. It can also drop down to a street-level view, and look around almost every town on earth. This software will be used to create tours of interesting Wicken (and Wickenden) sites on the Continent, in England, the U.S.A., and around the world, so we all can get a sense of what it must have been like to migrate from place to place and to live in various settlements and towns.

 As these tours are completed, a list will be provided of each of the updates. The full schedule includes 14 planned tours (10 of the 3rd - 6th century Wicken migrations and 4 of Wickenden settlements in the 19th - 21st centuries). To see the schedule and view the first tour (Origin of the Wicken), select the "Virtual Tours" page (the last page in the Wickenden History section. Enjoy and watch for tours to come. Suggestions for additional tours are welcome, as are contributions of videos, maps, and pictures of locations and trips.

Thank you again for your interest in our website. Be well and stay safe!

 The Website Wickendens
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