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[Thomas R. Wickenden Family Reunion, Denison University, Granville OH, June 6, 1952]



Greetings from the Wickenden Families Website!

 What's Been Happening? - It's been eight months since the last group email message. However, besides following his son and daughter-in-law around the country to babysit his granddaughter Juniper Wickenden in Chicago IL, Brooklyn NY, Albuquerque NM, Flagstaff AZ, and El Sereno CA, your editor has been busy working on two Wickenden Family History Projects:
1. A Published Article - One project has been to research and write about our Wicken ancestors in early medieval Europe. An article resulting from this research will be published in the journal Mediaevistik later this year under the title "An Anglian Alliance." The article uses place-name tracing to describe the relationship between two tribal groups, the Wicingas (Wicken) and the Iclingas as they migrated from the Continent across Britain to the Western Midlands, where they established the post-Roman kingdoms of Hwiccia and Mercia. These are the same Wicken who established a "denn" in Cowden, Kent.
2. A Trove of Memorabilia - Another project has been to update and enrich the website by digitizing and uploading pictures, newspaper items and other documents from a trove of memorabilia preserved by Thomas H Wickenden and recently discovered. Materials have been added to pages for the following families: William E Wickenden, Thomas H Wickenden, the Homer E Wickenden. Some of the letters sent to Thomas by his siblings have been posted on the THW Correspondence site linked to his family page. The originals will be provided upon request to the families whose ancestors wrote them.
 New Contributions to Family Pages - Several families have added additional material to their pages.
1.  Donna Nix (granddaughter of Homer and Mira Wickenden) contributed a bio and a beautiful picture of her mother, Ann Wickenden Walters, which have been added to the family page in the Thomas R Wickenden Families section of the website. Also on the same page,
2. Ruth Wickenden Abel (daughter of Homer and Mira Wickenden) has contributed a video interview of herself and Debbie Griffin (granddaughter of Ida Wickenden and Justin Nixon), describing the seven Wickendens from three generations [!] who have lived at The San Antonio Gardens in Pomona, California. Ruth also participated in an oral history interview about the Wickenden family, which has been added to and transcribed for the website.
 New Subscribers -  We have had several new subscribers since our last group email, including personal friends as well as Wickendens from Australia and England. Suggestions for additional subscribers are always welcome, so please share this email with other Wickenden family and friends. Remember that we can always add links to other existing files and websites. In addition to regular pages in the History, TRW Families (with links to the Wickenden Wikitree), and Wickendens Around the World (with a link to the Map of Wickendens) sections, the website also includes a blog (Small World), a research forum, a history timeline, FAQ, news, and future events. Readers are invited to comment on or contribute to all of these.

 Thank you again for your interest in our website. In case you missed any previous Updates, they are all posted in the News section of the Website. Be well and stay safe!

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