01 Mar

Breaking News - A New Wickenden Arrives!

 Small World - Pictured along with her dad on the header of this message is the newest of the new WickendensJuniper Lior Wickendenborn in Chicago, IL, USA on February 17th. This breaking news was announced in the Small World section of this website. Suggested by Chip Wickenden, this section has already attracted viewers and inspired comments. Several generations of families now located in Florida have been in touch through postings to the page.
 Other New Wickendens - 
Two weeks ago John Wickenden, from Farnborough in Hampshire, England, began adding profiles to what we like to call the "Wickenden Wikitree". He has been working at it each day, adding substantially to the number of Wickendens and members of the Wickenden family to be found on wikitree.com. Perhaps most impressive is the richness of the source information he includes with each profile. John is also an editor of our Wickenden Name Study project, to be found as a profile on Wikitree, and he has been added to our website subscribers. If you check out some of these new profiles, please welcome and thank him for his work!

 Google Earth Tours - Your website editor is taking a course on using a free software application from Google Earth. This app allows the viewer to "fly" to a location anywhere on the planet, drop down to a street-level view, and look around almost every town. This software will be used to create tours of interesting Wickenden (and Wicken) sites on the Continent, in England and around the world, so we all can get a sense of what it must have been like to migrate from place to place and to live in various settlements and towns. As these tours are completed, a list will be provided for your information on each of these updates. There is already a page on this site called "Wickenden Tours," where each of the tours will be saved. The page is now in a section called Future Events, since these were originally planned as in-person tours to be held at some point in the future, but once the digital tours are available, the name will be changed to Events. The first one will be a tour of East Toledo, Ohio, home of the Thomas Rogers Wickenden family. Watch this space!

Thank you again for checking out our website. Be well and stay safe!

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