12 Aug

Welcome from the Wickenden Families Website.

We hope you and your families are still staying well during the pandemic. Unfortunately, it seems likely to be with us for a while longer. However, if you are looking for something of interest to pursue while we are locked down waiting for a vaccine, you can do no better than to peruse the Wickenden Family Website. You will find the URL at the bottom of this email.

 PLACE-NAME TRACING THE WICKEN - Another new page was added to the Wickenden History section of the Website this month, but anyone who has an interest in this kind of historical analysis is welcome to add to it or comment on it. The page describes the origin of the Wicken clan of Angles and uses place-name tracing to follow the migration of the clan across the Continent (see the map in the message header), their arrival in Kent where they established the Wicken Den, and their migration to the Western Midlands of Britain where their settlement became known as the Kingdom of Hwicce. The first of three academic papers has been drafted based on this page. Thanks are due to Wickenden family members Arthur Goldschmidt, Jr. for suggesting the paper and Stephen Gold for recommending that the new techniques of micro-level and retrospective place-name tracing be used to identify more Anglian clans like the Wicken. The paper has been submitted to an appropriate academic journal, and if it ends up being published, you will be the first to know.

 ADDITIONS TO THE WICKENDEN WIKITREE - More information has been added to the Wickenden family tree created using WikiTree.comThis month Carolyn D'Alessandro, a cousin of Jean Wickenden, has provided information about the closely related Greene and Clark families. Thank you, Lyn! This family tree has been linked to relevant sections of the Wickenden Family website. It is free to join and is a collaborative site, so anyone with a connection to the Wickenden family is invited to join and to add information about their family.

 NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO THE WICKENDEN FAMILIES WEBSITE - Thanks to Ruth Wickenden Abel, six more individuals with ties to the Wickenden families have been added as subscribers to the Website. As subscribers they will receive these monthly updates with reminders of recent changes, exciting additions, and links to new features of the Website. Welcome to all new members, and kudos to those who recommend additional subscribers!

 Thank you for your attention. This and all past group emails are included in the News blog on the website, so readers can find the information in these updates even if they miss the emails. Explore the expanded website if you have time, send in any questions or comments you might have, and Stay Well!


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