25 Apr


Welcome from the Wickenden Families Website.

One reason we decided to use a website to extend and expand the Memoirs of the Thomas Rogers Wickenden Family is that it allows for the addition of visual variety.  It is easier to add pictures, charts and other visual materials that tell the story of the Wickendens to a website than to a published book.  This update concerns an addition to the Possible Pathways to (and from) Cowden page of the Wickenden History section of the site.  This page already includes a great variety of materials in addition to written text, such as:
  • Lists of Most Likely Ancestors, Types of Wickenden Family Trees, Contents of A Pathway Chart,  and Wickenden Wills and Burials
  • Timelines for the Early English Wickendens
  • Tables of Wickenden Homes in Cowden, References to Wickendens by Year, Major Centers of Wickenden Settlement, Popular Wickenden First Names, and Spellings of "Wickenden"
  • Maps of the Migration of Wickendens by County and the Migration of Wickendens by Century
  • Charts of Wickenden Christenings by Miles from Cowden, and
  • Outlines of the TRW  Family Tree (8 Generations) and of the Trunk and Branches of the Wickenden Family
This page now includes a Mathematical Model of the First Wickendens.  In addition to the Excel Spreadsheet, which is attached at the end of the page, there is also a numbered list describing  the four interconnected data Tables which make up the model and a set of bar Charts and line Graphs that provide a visual summary of the data in each table. Even more interesting, however, is the bulleted list which describes the Major Results of the model.  

This material is a significant addition to the Pathways page, because it provides a visual link between the first family of Wickens who began living in the Den around 700 AD and all the Wickendens who descended, generation after generation over the centuries, from this very first family.  These First Wickendens took their name from the den and gradually spread out to establish homesteads on either side of the den. Eventually, they acquired and occupied a total of 13 homes around Cowden before leasing the den in 1461 and then moving out to surrounding villages in the counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  The model demonstrates that these undocumented Wickendens would have numbered well over 300 by the end of the 16th century, when their names began to show up in official papers such as wills, court rolls and parish records.  

Thank you for your attention. Explore the expanded website if you have time, send in any questions or comments you might have, and Stay Well!
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