08 Jan

I looking for other Wickendens to invite to contribute or link to this website, I discovered a good source:  family tree sites such as Wikitree.  I intend to invite all those who have created family trees involving Wickendens to review our website and subscribe, submit material or offer to contribute.  However, it has occurred to me that someone not related to Thomas R Wickenden, even indirectly, may not be interested in being categorized as an "Other Wickenden."  

I have changed the title of that third section to World Wide Wickendens, so that it is inviting not only to American Wickendens but to those living in England, Australia, and other countries around the world.  In 2000 I did a quick search and found Wickendens living in 20 other countries, so besides the appeal of the alliteration, I think the inclusive title is accurate.

If we get more items on these new Wickendens than we have on Thomas R. and Ida Consaul Wickenden's siblings and ancestors, I plan to move the siblings and ancestors to the TRW Families section and to reserve the WWW section for these other Wickendens who have no direct or indirect relationship to the former.  Eventually, it might even be necessary to move the later to their own website. 

By the way, I am hoping, sometime while I am still able, to organize a reunion in Cowden, Kent, England, for all the world wide Wickendens.

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