25 Apr

Wickenden Families

Welcome from the Wickenden Families Website.

We hope you and your families are staying well during the current pandemic! Social Distancing has provided some extra time to work on the Wickenden Website, so we are pleased to describe three exciting new developments.

SUMMARY OF THE MEMOIR BOOK - Summary page has been added to the Thomas R Wickenden Families section of the website along with a link to the Memoir book, as digitized by Ken Watson.  The summary describes the topics, themes and stories common to the eight chapters as well as selected quotes and highlights from the individual memoirs.  It also includes pictures of the house at 602 Starr Avenue, a map of the neighborhood, and a description of the routes from Toledo to Lakeside that the family looked forward to taking each summer.

VAN GOGH PAINTING OF WICKENDEN "CASTLE" - Vincent Van Gogh was one of the local painters who visited Robert John Wickenden in Auvers in 1890.  Last week Robert's grandniece, Ruth Wickenden Abel, daughter of Homer Wickenden, noticed a painting by Vincent of the unusual buildings that made up Robert's home and studio.  The painting, whose colors and rendering are strikingly beautiful, has been added to the Robert J Wickenden page of the Wickendens Around the World section of the website, which also contains links to Robert's son Alfred Wickenden's memoir of life in this "Castle in Bohemia," and his daughter Yvonne's story of Robert's key role in arranging a funeral for Vincent.  

NEW PATHWAYS BACK TO COWDEN - Profiles of Wickenden relatives and ancestors have been added to the Wickenden Wikitree from GEDCOM files provided by two additional Wickendens.  The family tree, which is linked to numerous relevant pages of the website, reveals that these Wickendens both have pathways back to ancestors living in or near Cowden, providing evidence for the proposition that all living Wickendens are descendants of the original family of Wicken who established a den in the Weald of Kent sometime in the 7th Century AD.  Moreover, software provided by WikiTree.com, reveals that these two Wickendens, one born in Canada and the other in England, are related as fifth cousins, once removed.  Their first common relative, Thomas W. Wickenden, born 28 Mar 1733 in Tonbridge, Kent, England, was their fourth and fifth great grandfather, respectively.  Tonbridge is just down the road from Cowden, so we look forward to tracing further this and other Wickenden ancestral pathways.

Thank you for your attention. Explore the expanded website if you have time, send in any questions or comments you might have, and Stay Well!
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