05 Nov

CONTACT WITH MORE RELATIVES - There's nothing quite as exciting as receiving a comment through the website from a relative who has taken a look and has a question. Finding an email thread in my file that was started by Ruth Wickenden Abel nearly a decade ago,  but included an address for Arthur Goldschmidt,  a grandson of William Wickenden, I took a chance and sent him an email, only to find that the address was still active.  He had a few questions about the Consaul family name, which I have now added to the FAQ section.  In addition, he put me in touch with Steve Gold, his son, who is somewhat of the family genealogist.  Steve not only took a preliminary look at the site, but he also had a few comments on the need for documentation of sources and questions about the histories of the Wicks, the Wickenden and the Hwicce. - Thank you Art and Steve!!  And once again a nod to Ruth for starting this newly reactivated email thread 

NEED FOR A TIMELINE - Realizing that different pieces of the history of the family are contained in different sections and pages of the website, I remembered that SITE 123 has a timeline format and, once I found it, I added a History Timeline to the contents of the website, following the three main sections: Wickenden History, Thomas R Wickenden Families, and Other Wickendens.  The intention is to suggest the possible connection between the Angle clan known as Hwicce and place names such as Wickendorf and Wickenden, without denying the possibility of other sources for the Wicken and Wickenden names.  I intend to add better documentation for each section of the timeline, as I have the time and inclination.

TO DO LIST - At the moment and, as they say, "God willing,"  my plan is to continue to post pictures, documents and links for the Thomas Rogers Wickenden Families as they come in.  My sister, Elizabeth has sent some amazing pictures, of Thomas H and Dee Shuman Wickenden as well as of her own family, which has just been joined by her granddaughter Vivian.  Steve has offered to send material on the William E Wickenden family, and Ruth's daughter Gwen is now living nearby in California and may have time to send some material on the Homer Wickenden family.

In the meantime, I have made some additions to the new Pathways to (and from) Cowden "article" including a section on the history of Wickenden homes in Cowden, references to Wickendens in Kent wills, and a old version of 'Pathways to Cowden for Aaron Wickenden."  Much work still needs to be done on this article, however, including the following:

  1. Develop a TRW descendants tree using Wikitree and starting with information from the Memoir book and adding information from obituaries and relatives. I have a preliminary version attached, but I need to expand it and add names, dates, and sources.
  2. Update the Pathways to Cowden chart for Thomas Aaron Wickenden, as a demonstration of how to treat uncertainties about ancestors and document sources, problems and probabilities.
  3. Enter all 1640 Wickenden christenings (and some marriages) from the IGI into an Excel database, (I’ve got about 500 loaded so far) along with available data on marriages, and deaths, so that we can analyze the demographics and movements of the Early English Wickendens: 1550 - 1800.

Meanwhile - thanks to all the contributors so far.  Hope you had an exciting Halloween and are looking forward to a rewarding Thanksgiving!

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